Our Technology

Liquid Silicone (LSR)
Silicone is a very healthy and hygienic industrial material obtained from liquidation of the raw material of silica sand with future technology. Because of this specification, silicone is being used as the raw material of products (baby teats, plastic surgery, kitchen cooking molds etc.) related with medicine, health and foods.sıvı silikon
Distinctive futures of Liquid Silicone (LSR) :
• Biocompatible, food security
• transparent, crystal
• odorless, natural flavour
• Closed for X rays and other types of radiation
• Fluffy
• Can be colored
• Heat and Electricity isolation
• Hydrocarbon resistant
• While continuing the physical and chemical properties, is resistant to extreme temperatures (from (-50° C to +250° C)
• Elasticity or hardness Shore Values (3 shore A - 80 shore A)
• It is permanent. (Under stress no deformation is seen)
• Compatible for all smooth and porous surfaces
• Compatible for salinisation
• Compatible to Ozone and UV
• Does not contain Bacterias.

silikon enjeksiyon
Silicone Injection
The latest system Austria made and Engel branded silicone injection machinery is being used.




Termoplastical Injection
The latest system Austria made and Engel branded silicone injection machineries with closing power from 45 tones to 120 tones are available.



Proje Yönetimi

Project Management
Our project team, using the Power Mill / Solid Works" CAD/CAM programs are proceeding all of the processes from design till mold and common production within our company.
In this context, "Utility Model" patent has been registered in 2009 from Turkish Patent Institute for most demanded Silicone Brush, Silicone Sealed Storage Containers.